Golden Monkey Extracts Shatter



Golden Monkey Extracts is a premium AAA+ concentrate processed using strain and phenotype specific buds.

The shatter is distilled using medical-grade butane and purged in state of the art vacuum ovens for over 100 hours. The end result is a premium, terpene-heavy shatter that is perfect for dabbing.

  • THC Concentration: 70% – 82.5%
  • Common Usage: Stress, Depression, Anxiety
  • Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric
  • Each order comes with 1 gram.

Flavours: Indica Pink Glue/Violator/Hindu Kush

Sativa Sour Diesel/ Black Widow

Hybrid Island Pink Kush/Cinderella/Lemon Drop/Pink Kush/ Black Mango


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